DecoType Lab

Ideal product development and tests

The details: DecoType Lab


  • Ideal product development and tests
  • For up to 120 glass or PET containers per hour

Technical features

  • Manual feed
  • Digital UV-curable inks with specially developed formula
  • Separate system for pre-treatment and post-treatment
  • Print server for colour management and RIP functions (Raster Image Processor)

Colour gamut

  • CMYK + W + V + Spot
  • Brilliant CMYK + white colour space
  • Use of up to two special colours possible
  • Digital protective varnish for glass substrates applicable

Print height

  • 190 mm


  • 360 dpi

Why go for direct print? There are three good reasons!

More flexibility for packaging designs

More flexibility for packaging designs

  • Creating exciting 3D-effects
    • Creating tangible structures on smooth surfaces via digital embossing
    • Accentuate grooves and projections on the packaging surface with colour
    • Merging appearance and feel into a multi-sensory experience
  • Realising individual artwork
  • Wide range of printing height with up to 190 mm
  • Personalised and localised products
  • Implementation of interactive elements
    • QR codes
    • Social media
    • Augmented reality
Added flexibility and efficiency in production

Added flexibility and efficiency in production

  • No purchase or storing of labels
  • Simplified production steps compared to silk-screen
    • No screen production required
    • No colour kitchen required
    • UV-curable ink instead of ceramic-curable printing colours
  • Just-in-time production of container decoration
    • Economic production of small batches
    • Immediate reaction to changes on the market
    • Very fast time to market
    • Easy implementation of special editions
    • Easy testing of new design ideas and packaging variants
Increased sustainability

Increased sustainability

  • Dispensing with label material
  • Reduced COfootprint

Upcycling of glass bottles
Fire the imagination of consumers: High-quality print designs transform glass packaging into sought-after utility or decorative objects.

Cycle of PET containers
Our inks can be removed again without residue in the recycling process. Digitally printed PET bottles can therefore flow easily into the recyclable materials cycle -and be reprocessed into new food-grade bottles. This has also been confirmed by the Association of Plastic Recyclers.

Benefits to you

Innovative packaging for your products
Contrary to conventional labels, the targeted application of the direct print grooved and relief structures is possible. This provides entirely new chances for consumer products which make them stand out from the mass of competitive products.

Large decoration surface
Even with very complex designs, the printing height of 205 millimetres leaves much space for a lot of text information on the packaging.

Easy start
In addition to machine and colour, the DEKRON all-around package also includes set-up of the entire work flow on site. This way, you can use the new technology immediately and profitably –at the push of a button and in all its facets.

Less logistics, more flexibility
No labels, no stock keeping: DecoType creates the decoration directly at the line, and during the production process it is adjusted within seconds to the new artwork.

High OEE with small batches
Due to just-in-time production of the artwork, also small batches can be produced flexibly and economically –for example, for testing different design variants on the market or to individualise your packaging

Krones multicroma
Brilliant colours for digital decoration: With UV-curable inks from KIC Krones you can bring individual designs to life – and turn packaging into artwork.
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